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About Us

About Our Rescue

Crossed Paws Pet Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit pet rescue organization located in Auburndale, FL. The rescue was started by Stefanie Badillo. Our pet rescue can accommodate up to 50 dogs at a time.


While being housed at our rescue, the dogs will be cleaned, be given food & shelter, and have medical needs attended to by a vet, including vaccinations, spay/neutering, heart worm treatment if needed, and microchipped. Whether they are sick or injured, or just needing shelter, these furry friends are kept safe until a permanent home is found for them.


What We Do

Rescuing Animals

We take in pets who are abandoned, mistreated, and in need of medical help.  We provide shelter, care, nutrition and other needs.

Finding A Home

Using social media, this website, word-of-mouth and other forums, we do our best to find stable, loving homes for these amazing pets.

Donations Save a Life

The costs of providing shelter, feeding, giving much needed health care to these loving animals are high.  Click the button below to contribute.

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Bring a new loved one into your home by choosing to adopt a pet.  What better way is there to contribute than to say “Welcome Home!”

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